lawyermarketing101 : TV For Lawyers: Is TV Still the Way to Reach Most Prospects?

TV For Lawyers: Is TV Still the Way to Reach Most Prospects?

Lawyer marketing guru discusses why TV advertising should still be part of law firm marketing efforts in addition to a lawyer website

TV For Lawyers: Is TV Still the Way to Reach Most Prospects?

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Much has been written by lawyer marketing professionals and others about the imminent death of TV as an advertising medium because of the geometric rise in the use of the Internet and mobile screens. The real question is whether new media is replacing TV viewership or just improving the experience. The answer is important to law firm marketers.


Nationwide research by the Leichtman Research Group found in a recent study that "30% of US households have a television set connected to the Internet, up from 24% last year." They also reported that the "percentage of adults watching video from the Internet on a connected TV doubled over the same period, to 10%."


Interestingly enough, a large influence on the numbers is subscribership to Netflix, which provides streaming TV via the Internet. For their subscribers Internet connected video watching reached 30% vs. the 10% noted above. More importantly, as quoted in the Hollywood Reporter, Bruce Leichtman, president of the research firm stated: "Even with this growth in emerging video services, this isn't creating a significant trend in consumers ‘cutting the cord' to multi-channel video services - including cable, satellite and telco video services."


While we recommend taking full advantage of web videos both on a lawyer website and on social media platforms like YouTube, this data bodes well for lawyer TV marketing efforts. There is no question that creating and maintaining top-of-mind awareness and a solid brand image with TV advertising also supports all other forms of lawyer marketing such as SEO for law firms and attorney pay-per-click ads.

The goal for a need-driven service is to be the first name that comes to mind when the need arises, or to be seen by enough eyeballs on a regular basis so that your message is heard at the right time. That means staying in the game for the long haul and not testing the waters for 2-3 months.


As in all lawyer advertising, the key is to try and clearly differentiate your law firm from the competition. While the various state Bars may make that a challenge, one way is in the production values of the TV campaign. I am sure that everyone has seen spots where a wooden looking attorney standing in front of a law library tries to convince consumers that his firm can help. It is better to air high quality law firm TV spots that speak equally highly of your firm for a longer period of time than to produce new average spots more frequently. Cepac has a long history of creating successful lawyer TV campaigns that create awareness and make the phone ring.


For more information on TV for lawyers or attorney web video production contact Rene Perras.


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