lawyermarketing101 : Social Media for Lawyers: Should Your Law Firm Market With Google+?

Social Media for Lawyers: Should Your Law Firm Market With Google+?

Lawyer marketing expert talks about how Google+ could change social media for lawyers by including Google analytics and create stiff competition for Facebook

Social Media for Lawyers: Should Your Law Firm Market With Google+?

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Considering that Google+ is not yet available for lawyer marketing efforts, it has created a lot of buzz and anticipation among proponents of social media for lawyers. Google has rolled out the people pages but has put a hold on the business pages for a couple of months so that they can work out the bugs and give Facebook & Twitter a run for their money.


According to reports, Google+ will incorporate the best aspects of both in their platform, enabling easy sharing of content among "circles," but the real anticipation is because they will also be offering the sophisticated analytics they are known for as part of the package. This element is key and will be unique to Google's social platform. Knowing how to target key prospects can potentially make a big difference in the odds for success for lawyer marketing and other business efforts. Hopefully that will also mean that relevant content can be more specifically designed for different types of prospects. And more than anything else, having a data based handle on the results from social media for lawyers is just as important as it is for any other medium, whether it be pay-per-click, SEO, print or TV advertising.


Additionally, lawyer marketing professionals view the competition in the social landscape as a plus for marketers and it seems that the potential for Google+ to become a significant force is real. According to a recent survey by Bloomberg/YouGov, Google has already signed up 13 percent of US adults and will add an additional 9% over the next year. They further reported that Facebook is expected to lose 2% of their market share in the same time. Google's capture of nearly 25 million users in a month's time demonstrates growth that is quicker as a start-up than its rival Facebook was at the outset, but it still has a long way to go to catch up to their nearly three quarters of a billion active users.


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