lawyermarketing101 : Social Media For Lawyers- Mature Facebook Users are Liking Brands More and More

Social Media For Lawyers- Mature Facebook Users are Liking Brands More and More

Lawyer marketing guru, Rene Perras, weighs in on why personal injury & other law firm marketing programs should include Facebook to boost search engine results

Social Media For Lawyers- Mature Facebook Users are Liking Brands More and More

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Attention lawyer marketing professionals: according to eMarketer, adults 55 years and older, who were once slower adopters of social media, have now begun to connect with brands at a pace almost consistent with younger adults, so give some serious thought to social media for lawyers.


Over the last year and a half mature Facebook users have begun to like brands at a much higher rate than ever before, increasing from 25% to nearly 50%. That is important news for law firm marketing programs, as this older and more financially situated demographic will connect to stay informed, or because of an already established relationship.


If your law firm has shied away from social media as part of your law firm marketing program, now might be the right time to jump on the bandwagon. At nearly 50% there is a long way to go to capture that adult market and for your firm to take advantage of this trend. As Facebook likes and other social media elements become greater components of search engine results, it will become even more important to adopt social media tactics for lawyer marketing. While it might seem that for need driven businesses like personal injury or family law might not maintain a strong following, as past and current clients along with members of a lawyer's off line network join the online social network, the momentum will climb. Search engine results will be affected by the number of likes one firm has versus their competition.


Social media for lawyers and likes on Facebook are akin to the new word of mouth. Integrating a like button on a website is just like asking for a recommendation. In fact, eMarketer has reported that "in 2011, 34% of US social network users told the research firm, ROI Research, they were at least somewhat more loyal to brands they were fans of on Facebook." Loyalty breeds word of mouth recommendations on the Internet.


If you are interested in learning more about how social media campaigns for lawyers can boost your practice and bottom line, contact Rene Perras for more information on attorney Internet marketing, online legal PR or websites for law firms.



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