lawyermarketing101 : Lawyer Marketing: Beware Landing Pages With Duplicate Content

Lawyer Marketing: Beware Landing Pages With Duplicate Content

Lawyer marketing expert weighs in on how the Yellow Pages and other providers duplicate attorney website content and hurt Google rankings

Lawyer Marketing: Beware Landing Pages With Duplicate Content

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In an attempt to stay relevant in a society that uses the Yellow Pages less and less, the providers of the various books have moved into the online realm and provide directories and pay-per-click advertising programs for lawyers and others. We have often found that when the Yellow Pages and other providers set up their pay-per-click campaigns, they create a landing page with content copied directly from the attorney website that the firm owns. Often the graphics are also identical. This problem is not exclusive to lawyer marketing done by the Yellow Pages, as other providers are also guilty.


Many attorney SEO consultants will tell you that Google will penalize you for having duplicate content. Only in rare cases when "Google perceives that duplicate content may be shown with intent to manipulate our rankings" will they actually penalize a site.


While Google and the other search engines may not technically penalize an attorney website for duplicate content, they do filter out pages that are duplicated so that they can provide the most relevant search results to a query. Returning multiple pages with the same content would be less than useful and a waste of time for most searchers. So in order to present the most useful search results as possible, duplications of content may not all be returned in the results, leaving owners of those sites not appearing feeling like they have been punished. Realistically articles that are syndicated are published on many sites across the Internet and having your articles published on many sites helps build credibility for your attorney website and firm.


While websites may not be penalized for publishing duplicate content, having multiple URL's with the same pages and content is definitely a problem. That is exactly what a landing page or micro site focusing on a single practice area using your existing content and/or images is. While providers too lazy to develop fresh content may promise you that they have your landing pages on proxy servers or have put code in the html that tells Google's spiders not to crawl your landing page, do you really want to take the chance and have the algorithm filter out your content? According to Google's Webmaster guidelines, they no longer recommend that a site block spiders from crawling duplicate content, they recommend that those pages be marked as duplicate. In any case relying on the word of a provider, that may not care about your lawyer SEO efforts because they are focused strictly on pay-per-click, when you cannot verify their promises can cause frustration at the very least.


The lesson to be learned is to be aware of the potential problems duplicate content can cause when you contract with different lawyer Internet marketing providers or to be even safer, keep your entire attorney Internet marketing under one roof.


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