lawyermarketing101 : Lawyer Internet Marketing- Social Media for Lawyers Requires a Strategy

Lawyer Internet Marketing- Social Media for Lawyers Requires a Strategy

Lawyer marketing professional offers insight into why social media for lawyers needs a strategy to boost search engine results

Lawyer Internet Marketing- Social Media for Lawyers Requires a Strategy

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Social media for lawyers has become an important tool for many lawyer Internet marketing programs, especially now that Google, Bing and the other search engines are incorporating Facebook ‘likes' and other social recommendations in their algorithms to help determine search engine results. And while we strongly recommend the use of social media for lawyers as part of a robust attorney Internet marketing program, it can't be utilized in a haphazard manner. Any solid marketing effort for lawyers or any other business requires a strategy that should be implemented, not just the belief that it is important.


In a recent article in eMarketer, research provided by Jive Software and Penn, Schoen & Berland found that although "78% of executives thought a social business strategy was somewhat or very important to the future success of their business," "nearly half (47%) admitted a social plan was necessary but not a strategic priority." As the world becomes more social and social media becomes more entrenched in our day-to-day society, including business, having the proper strategy in place is what will give lawyer marketing programs a leg-up on the competition.


Social media for lawyers can be a highly effective tool as part of a comprehensive lawyer Internet marketing program when the campaign relies heavily on the creation of content for attorneys, as content is what is going to drive traffic from social media and help create rankings for the very competitive legal silo and its long tail key words. Social media for lawyers or other goods and services works best when expert content is created that engages the audience and influences the sharing of that content. And that requires a solid strategy with a constant and consistent effort to achieve the desired result- converting prospects to clients.


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