lawyermarketing101 : Lawyer Blogs: Are You Missing a Law Firm Marketing Tool to Capture New Business?

Lawyer Blogs: Are You Missing a Law Firm Marketing Tool to Capture New Business?

Lawyer marketing expert Rene Perras explains how a lawyer blog can help search engine optimization so clients can find your lawyer website

Lawyer Blogs: Are You Missing a Law Firm Marketing Tool to Capture New Business?

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 In a recent article about lawyer blogs in the National Law Journal, Adrian Dayton poses the question, "Are some firms too big to blog"? In his piece he states that the largest law firms have shied away from allowing their attorneys to craft their own brands because he believes that it is a "calculated strategy" to "control the message."


While his article is geared towards the largest and highest grossing law firms in the nation, he makes several excellent points that pertain to lawyer marketing for firms of all different stripes. Personal injury law firms, family lawyers and accident attorneys also derive the majority of their new cases from friend to friend referrals and searches on the web. And now with the inclusion of Facebook "likes" in search results, even those lines will become more and more blurry.


Every attorney at every firm potentially has their own brand. By capitalizing on that online brand, attorneys focusing on a variety of practice areas can catapult their online presence to a new level. By carefully building an online reputation as an authority in your practice area and geographical sphere of influence, you can gain the upper hand on your competition. Potential clients searching the web will look at your lawyer website, but even greater credibility is created by personal posts on relevant topics on your lawyer blog. A firm that has several attorneys that have achieved prominence on the web elevates the brand of the law firm. The total is greater than the sum of the parts. Even with a well-known firm name in your area, most prospects hire the lawyer that they connect with, not the firm, per se. Clients want to know what you have to say, not just what your website says about you.


Although lawyer blogs are crawled by the search engine spiders and adding fresh relevant content to your website via your blog is beneficial for search engine optimization, by syndicating articles and press releases your lawyer blog can move to the next level.

Cepac offers private label newsrooms using proprietary Smart News Technology that works like a lawyer blog on steroids. The system prompts you to help optimize your posts for the best chance of pickup on the web. Cepac's nearly 1000 newswire partners, including Google News and PR Newswire spread your news like wildfire amplifying your stature and web presence.


This powerful link baiting tool can help catapult your Internet lawyer marketing efforts and give you an edge over your competition that can make the difference between just getting more unique visitors to your lawyer website and converting them to clients.


For more information on a lawyer blog for your firm, Smart News Technology or other lawyer marketing initiatives, contact Rene Perras.


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