lawyermarketing101 : Content Marketing for Lawyers: The Key to New Business!

Content Marketing for Lawyers: The Key to New Business!

Lawyer marketing professional explains how content marketing for lawyers can improve the user experience on attorney websites and drive new business

Content Marketing for Lawyers: The Key to New Business!

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Content marketing can be defined as the creation and distribution of original content including case studies, blog posts, video, images and articles with the goal of connecting with prospects, creating leads and boosting the brand of a company.


Lawyer marketing experts have been touting blogs and the consistent addition of fresh content to attorney websites for some time now, but the Panda update to Google has caused many to revisit this strategy and include content marketing for lawyers as a key strategy.


It has always been important to have fresh and unique content to help assist in SEO efforts and also to establish your law firm as an authority on the web in the areas of practice you focus on. Establishing your law firm as an authority also means that you are enhancing the user experience by providing visitors with the information they desperately need when they are doing their research to find the right attorney in their geographic area. Writing articles, blog posts and other content that potential clients would find helpful can be the best way to market your law firm on the web. Content marketing is all about creating relevant content that will educate prospects and cause them to act: to call your law firm or fill out your web form.


In fact a growing number of business-to-business marketers have been focusing more on content marketing than on traditional marketing tactics such as PR, TV advertising, print and radio advertising. Recent research published by HiveFire, Inc. in their B2B Marketing Trends 2011 Survey showed that "eighty-two percent of respondents now use content marketing in their programs. Respondents cited driving leads as the most important marketing objective for their organizations." (


Many of those polled in the research are utilizing the tactic of mixing new content with other relevant information gleaned from the web via blog posts, videos, news articles and other sources as an alternative to creating "pure" content, since it can still provide highly useful information but is a less daunting task. This practice of finding, organizing and sharing content is referred to as content curation.


Since the Google Panda update, the focus on fresh content on legal blogs and attorney websites has become even stronger among lawyer marketing professionals. The balance in creating content seems to be tipping away from just aggregating content towards using the gleaned information as a jumping off point for your own thoughts and becoming a trusted authority and an additional resource for information. It is more important than ever to create your own "pure" content for your attorney website and blogs in addition to any commentary or analysis crafted with curated content. Syndicating that content so that blogs and influence engines, like Google news, pick it up is also key to achieving your law firm marketing goals.


Content marketing for lawyers and for other enterprises is leading the way in Internet marketing and can help your firm's marketing program create a solid brand and presence on the Internet. For more information on content marketing for lawyers using Smart News Technology, attorney websites or more traditional marketing contact Rene Perras Lawyer Marketing Consultant.


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