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04 / 14 / 2009

After less than 100 days into the new Presidency, there has been a lot of talk about what marketers can learn from Mr. Obama's successful campaign for president

04 / 10 / 2009

Making a connection with a prospective client through your yellow page ad or a billboard with pictures of your law firm on it is a difficult proposition.

04 / 06 / 2009

If you harbored any doubts about the transition from old media to new media and the impact that web video will have on the future of advertising, the latest development in the metrics for calculating the value of online video should stop you in your track

04 / 02 / 2009

There is still a significant advantage to creating or maintaining a media mix in your law firm’s advertising program.

03 / 26 / 2009

Over many years of partnering with top-notch personal injury law firms in their marketing efforts we have developed some very basic strategies for success

03 / 25 / 2009

As would be expected, due to the economic crisis for the first time since direct mail has been tracked, the spending and the volume declined last year.

03 / 19 / 2009

Cepac congratulates Rene Perras on his first ever ace on a golf course. He realized this lucky stroke with his Ping iron and Bridgestone golf ball, on, March 7th at the 7th hole.

03 / 17 / 2009

Now more than ever, the number of potential clients is growing as searching becomes even more entrenched as a tool for finding goods and services.

03 / 13 / 2009

As law firm marketing specialists we are often asked by prospective clients, how much will a web site for my practice cost? Unfortunately, the answer to the question is not as simple as it would seem.

03 / 10 / 2009

As reported by nearly every news outlet, newspaper circulation has continued its 20-year decline